Riley's Bio

  Riley now makes his home in the west but is originally from Michigan, which molded his speech and writing-voice to reflect a keen midwestern cadence.

His versatile educational background of fine arts and business is complemented by his many other accomplishments which enhance his ability to create exciting and credible fiction, along
with compelling non-fiction work.   

(Riley earned a national award with his non-fiction account of how the United States actually conflicted withViet Nam long before 1965:  Southeast Asia, Skewered Warfare)

Riley is also a public speaker who participates or leads in private and public writing workshops as well as library associations and various forums revolving around literary arts. (Read about Riley's inspiring Alaskan Speaking Journey.)

His background also includes earning a private pilot's license, dabbling in amateur photography and once even enjoyed some minor acting roles within his Southern California community.

His published novels, harmoniously reflect his innate sense-of-story that engages both mystery and supernatural fiction.

Do you have comments or perhaps a story for Riley to consider... Perhaps yours? E-mail: Riley@rileystjames.com 

Check out photos of Riley's experiences while on the road doing signings:

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