• Riley completed a Vietnam War tale, 1968 -- Into the Abyss. A non-fiction adventure of an 100TomsProlsmmelite unit of American tunnel rats, led by multiple war-medal earner, Sgt. Thomas E Wergen. This fearless group would blindly descend into the dank darkness to meander, creep, seek out and encounter the enemy where even the most courageous were unwilling to venture: the dreaded and combat-riddled jungle tunnels built by the North Vietnamese forces. Wergen's group would also being asked to join  Special force missions to perform harrowing feats as their reputation gradually emerged. Their notable feats  soon came to light after their  destruction of the major Saigon enemy tunnel, AKRON III in 1967 which would severely impede the enemy during the the 1968 TET Offensive. 



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